1MBD: Damaging news - Unseen leaked files

Claims that Xavier Justo Blackmailed PetroSaudi International, Avoided paying Tax obligations and Was Involved with a Spanish Medication Cartel Lately Emerged

Newly tales and also leaked papers, that arised over the past couple of weeks, showcases a complicated web of allegations against the well-known 1MDB detraction 'Whistleblower' Mr. Xavier Justo. These accusations consist of criminal conspiracy, extortion, tax obligation evasion, political corruption, and also money laundering for a Spanish Medication Cartel, every one of which are unconditionally refuted by Mr. Justo.

These freshly dripped records affirm that Xavier Justo obtained his previous employer, PetroSaudi International, by intimidating to launch a business data source he had actually alledgly stolen from them. Justo was after that paid 4 Million CHF as "severance" for his 11 months work as settlement as well as fired from the firm. Regardless of receiving this large payment, Justo remained to require an additional 2.5 Million CHF, or he would certainly launch the data source he presumably stole to the highest bidder. Justo was consequently attempted, founded guilty as well as punished for 3 years in a Thailand jail, as he resided in Thailand at the time of the claimed extortion. Justo invested 18 months in prison up until all of a sudden being launched in 2017, under a basic amnesty approved to 30,000 wrongdoers to commemorate the coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. After Justo's release, he admitted to offering this taken data source to the SIDE Media Group, an opposition media outlet in Malaysia that openly "awarded" Justo with an extra $2 Million USD for swiping the database. Entirely Xavier Justo received payments totaling up to over $6.3 Million USD for his function in the 1MDB rumor.

These recently dripped records have been made public: 1mdb-leaks. com.


Extra tale my team revealed in the 'wholetruths.org' website information Xavier Justo's connection to" the Spanish drug cartel kingpin, José Alberto Aguín Magdalena (likewise known as 'Rubio de Aios'), that in 2018 was indicted in Spain on criminal tax evasion, money laundering, as well https://www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=1mdb skandal as medication trafficking fees. Rubio de Aios was accused of establishing a complicated internet of prohibited real estate as well as home development projects for the widely known Spanish cartel manager Sito Miñanco that was likewise charged in the situation. The pair, together with Sito Miñanco's ex-wife and ex-sister in-law, were convicted of all costs by a Spanish Court in 2019.".

This tale as well as DOJ document state that "in the mid-2000s, Xavier Justo began handling the bank accounts of Jose 'Rubio de Aios' Magdalena" and that "in 2006 Xavier Justo came to be the special asset manager in Switzerland for the Galician medicine empire regulated by de Rubio de Aios that was the straw man for Miñanco". Justo utilized numerous Swiss financial institution to launder the Cartel's revenues yet in "early 2007" his primary accounts at Pictet & Cie Financial Institution in Geneva were checked out by "Swiss authorities (for) believed tax evasion as well as cash laundering tasks". The situation led to a "United States Department of Justice request for mutual legal support from the Swiss government". (The official United States DoJ demand can be watched in the short article uploaded on wholetruths.org/exclusive-1mdb-scandal-whistleblower-connected-to-spanish-drug-cartel/). Swiss prosecutorial resources have actually ultimately confirmed that in the summertime of 2007, Xavier Justo was detained as well as briefly restrained for over 18 hours by the Brigade Financière de Genéve, the financial law enforcement branch of the Canton of Geneva. Once more in my conversation with Justo he was disturbed regarding this story https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=1mdb skandal as well as claimed its a total lie.



The 1MBD rumor and the Xavier Justo instance likewise made waves within the staunchly conventional Swiss legal system. A huge selection of corruption as well as 'dispute of rate of interest' claims emerged against the former Swiss Chief law officer at that time, Mr. Michael Lauber, who was together, checking out Xavier Justo for Economic espionage - a Swiss legal crime specified as 'providing stolen information to a foreign entity' such as the Malaysian Opposition the Side Media Team who Justo sold the stolen database to. In this specific situation Mr. Lauber had a significant 'conflict of interest' problem due to fact that Justo's legal representative is Mr. Christian Lüscher, a widely known Swiss Criminal Lawyer and also senior political leader who had close connections to AG Lauber and was credited for coordinating Lauber's re-election in 2015. Giving the reality that this Swiss Attorney General Of The United States Michael Lauber had his resistance removed this previous August due to an ongoing criminal examination versus him involving corruption as well as kickbacks in FIFA: https://sportstar.thehindu.com/football/fifa-corupption-scandal-case-attorney-general-michael-lauber-immunity-removed/article32430028.ece does seem to be a pattern. Mr Justo rejected to respond to any type of concerns concerning his attorney, and also said he is a close friend that helped him as well as his family members beyond creative imagination.

For the last six weeks I had numerous phone meetings with Xavier Justo as well as will certainly be releasing details of these interviews in the future. Please remain tuned for more splitting advancements on this perpetual Swiss Attorney General tale.